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Publisher's Weekly Starred Review

July 7, 2008

In this healthy living self-help memoir, food writer Block makes the decision to improve her family's diet based on the latest research in nutrition and sustainable, earth-friendly food sources; with that choice, she and her husband find themselves rowing against the strong currents of popular culture, powerful food lobbies and reluctant children. Beset by conflicting expert advice, Block manages to carve out a narrow path between what her family should eat and what they actuallywill eat. Each chapter takes a semi-comic look at serious issues like child-targeted advertising, fish farming, school lunches, picky eaters and sourcing local produce. With plenty of research on each issue, Block presents her arguments from all sides, and her role as mother to two active children makes her an authentic and relatable source. Her keen sense of humor doesn't hurt either; after finding a local source of organic meat, she happily reports, "Andy gets both bacon and a content wife; I get a healthier family and world; [daughter] Maya gets pasta, as usual." Though not as straightforward as the latest hide-the-veggies cookbook for sneaky moms, this guide to healthy, responsible family eating is a practical, insightful read for any concerned parent. (July)

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